Simon, April 2014, first month of a little baby


Simon asleep
Simon asleep

Our son Simon is born last month, March, 18th. After his first days, he spends his first month with us and his big sister in our flat at Gif-sur-Yvette.

Breastfeeding a little one-month boy

Leeloo breastfed Simon’s big sister for 8 months, forced to stop when she was pregnant again. But by then Alice was only sucking twice per day. For Alice, the first weeks of breastfeeding were a bit difficult, but this is just the opposite for Simon, everything goes very well. Is it experience, or Simon’s dynamism? Simon is more energetic than Alice was. Maybe a little bit of both. But having a flawless breastfeeding feels really great. Simon is suckling around 8 times per day, as much as his sister when she was his age, including twice during the night, at 1am and 4am. Maman Bébé, the web site to log babies activity I developed for Alice, is helping us keeping an eye on the sucking and development of Simon.

Maman Bébé

Thanks to Maman Bébé, Simon’s mum keeps a easy track of the sucking time, and when she should give right or left. Moreover we can compare Simon’s growth with his sister.
For example, Simon is pooing much less than Alice, only once per day, whereas Alice was pooing at least 3 times per day during her first months. Also, Simon is bigger and taller than his sister. Only one month old, he is already 4.3 kg (9 lbs 8 oz) for 56 cm (1 ft 10 in) meanwhile Alice was 3.6 kg (7 lbs 15 oz) for 51.5 cm (1 ft 8.3 in)…

A very energetic little baby

Mutty and Simon
Mutty amd Simon

From his first month, we are surprise by how energetic Simon is. He frequently raises his head, moving it from left to right while laid on his belly. We are confident that Simon is born on term, on March, 18th, and not 10 days in advance from the theoretical date of March, 28th. It is hard to tell the real biological age of Simon because Leeloo discovered that she was pregnant only on the 15th of July, without periods since Alice was born. The first ultrasound in September suggested a conception on June, 28th, but the margin of error can span 10 days.

Boy or Girl, what difference?

Simon and Alice sleeping on the coach
Simon and Alice sleeping on the coach

Apart from the evident morphological difference, this is hard to tell what is really different between a baby girl and a baby boy. Indeed, even most of the adult differences come from socially induced factors, not genetic ones. We would like to raise Alice and Simon without emphasizing their sex from the start, but the social pressure is huge, girls in pink, boys in blue, girls are nice and calm, boys are turbulent and energetic, girls with dolls, boys with small toy cars… Well, as far as we are concerned, Alice is passionate about tractors and trucks, and her dolls are just left unattended…


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