Alice, April 2014, 16th month of a little girl

Alice, Leeloo et Simon
Alice, Leeloo and Simon

A great change happened last month for Alice, the birth of a little brother! We were a little worried about Alice’s reaction about this new person in her life. We feared that Alice would have difficulties accepting Simon and the shift of attention of her parents toward him, especially her mother…

A loving little girl

Leeloo et Alice
Leeloo and Alice

Alice demonstrates a lot of tenderness towards her little brother. She cuddles and kisses him, and rarely shows jealousy or impatience when Leeloo or I are taking care of Simon. Of course, sometimes, when she is tired, when she fells, when she is sad, she tends to push Simon away to ask for a cuddle. Usually when she is abrupt against Simon, this is only by clumsiness, this is not easy for her to know the limits when she wants to be gentle with her little brother.

Some difficult days

Nevertheless, Alice had some complicated days in April, when she was whimpering a lot. But our little daughter is still in heavyweight development, notably her premolars are going out, and that may also be a source or irritability.

Simon et Alice
Simon and Alice

Is she disturbed by the birth of her little brother? Well, very likely, but it’s difficult to know to what extend. As far as the first month is concerned, everything went pretty well. As I took a sabbatical of several months to welcome and accommodate Simon, this helps a lot. As a consequence, I can spend a lot of time with Alice, and we are convinced, Leeloo and I, that the most important thing for a baby or a child is to spend time with her so that she knows that we love her. Moreover Alice is too young to feel jealousy, at most she will be frustrated because we do not play with her, but she cannot yet have complex ideas and question what is happening.

What does a little girl of 17 months do?

Alice court
Alice is running

As I spend all my days at home, Leeloo can rest and take care of Simon, and I have the opportunity to do a lot of different activities with Alice, or, more precisely, Alice is doing a lot of activities with me! She really doesn’t like when I work at the computer, she slips between me and the desk (I have a standing up desk) and then she pushes me so that I move away.

Conversely, Alice loves when I am tinkering, as she can play with some screwdriver or wenches, and, when I am fixing a computer, crafting a piece of furniture, she is really happy playing around me. Also, she really enjoys walking outside, and oftentimes she goes and grabs her shoes to indicate her will to go outside.

She has a increasing interest for the playground just close to our home. At first she was happy on the rocking horse, and she could stay there for a long time, moving occasionally; but now, even if this little horse is always her first choice, she quickly switches her interest and goes to explore new activities. She really likes going after other children and just look at what they are doing.

It’s getting more and more difficult to nap

Alice eats
Alice eating

But there is one activity Alice likes less and less, this is sleeping during the day! Sometimes, she is so exhausted that we can just lie her down on her bed, but this is really an exception… In a normal day, she wakes up at 7am, has her breakfast, then sleeps from 8am to 8:30, sometimes 9am, or she could stay up all the morning and only sleeps at 11am. After lunch, she sleeps around 3pm, sometime at 6pm, and then go to bed at 9pm.

But those days are becoming more and more exceptional… Sometimes, she is obviously really tired, and when I bring her to her room, she throw herself on the bed and stay there… For thirty seconds! And then she rises again and starts jumping around… This is true that we accept quite often to delay her nap, but sometimes she so tired and excited that we have to force her to sleep. But we do not have to force for long, often one minute of keeping her laid down, crying and struggling, is enough for her to accept her fate and start her usual rhythmics…


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