Alice, March 2014, 15th month of a little girl

Alice amd Warly at the park In  March 2014 Alice celebrated her 15 months, but the best news of the month is the birth of her little brother, Simon, on the 18th! Being 15-month old, Alice now walks very well, nearly running from time to time, and is eager to test new things, with an increase of her signs “vocabulary”.

Back at home

After a month at my parents’, in Châteauvieux, we are back at our place, our small apartment in Gif-sur-Yvette. We are a bit frightened that Alice would feel “imprisoned” with such a smaller playground. Indeed, my parent’s countryside house offers a lot of space and freedom to exercise her new walking skill. Now she is like a fish in a bowl, turning round and round between the kitchen and the living room…

Luckily, our neighborhood is very quiet and safe, at a secure distance from any roads, and very suitable to go for walks, and I frequently go out with Alice, on the morning and the afternoon. We go to the playground close to our place. Alice loves to walk, and she can walk up to a half-mile (800m) before any sign of tiredness. Leeloo usually stays at home, little Simon is heavier and heavier in her belly, and it is now hard to walk more than 30 minutes for her.

A little brother is coming!

Alice looking at her little brother SimonOn March, 18th, Simon is born! Alice’s little brother. We had no real idea how to prepare her for the arrival of a little brother. We had been talking about Simon for several months, showing the ever rounding belly of Leeloo. But it is impossible to know what she understood exactly, still we know that she was perfectly aware that “Simon” was in her mother’s belly, because she pointed at it when we asked her where he was. But maybe she just understood that strangely her mother’s belly was named “Simon”… As we explained in the article about the birth of Simon, we limited as much as we can the time lapse when Alice was alone during the delivery of Simon. The afternoon after he was born she was already with her mum and new little brother, and Leeloo’s parents were already there to prevent any feeling of abandonment.

As of now, we do not really see any change in Alice’s behavior. She is very kind with her little brother, wanting to comfort and touch him when she can see him. We have this incredible opportunity to be both at home Leeloo and I for some time. As a consequence I can spend a lot of time with Alice while her mum is taking care of the new baby.

Communication of 15-month old little girl

We have been using some elements of the sign language since Alice’s birth. She started to demonstrate her first sign when she was 10-month old, but it is only very recently when we realized she wanted to increase her communication. Now she uses the sign to carry her little brother, or to be carried. She says “close”, “music”, “eat”, “hear” when she perceives a sound, or her little brother whimpering. She already said “light” (in reverse order but this is already something!), and “terminated”. She sometimes does the sign for “again” or “water”, but this is very rare so we are not sure this is really what she means.

This is not real sign language, but she brings her shoes or her coat when she wants to go outside, or she takes us by the hand and bring us in front of the object she wants, a fork, some bread…


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