Simon in his mum’s belly

Leeloo pregnant with Simon under the snowWhen Leeloo got pregnant with our first son, Simon, future little brother of our daughter Alice, we were really surprised. We wanted a second child, but not that fast! At first, we were a bit frightened being unable to handle two infants at the same time, it seemed really complicated! Nevertheless we were really happy; having two young children very close in age seemed wonderful, and we discovered it was a little boy, we were thrilled!

Two very close pregnancies

During July 2013, we spent three weeks at my parents’, in Châteauvieux. With my brother we offered a trip to Ireland to my parents, in exchange we occupied their house to take care of the garden while they were visiting. Before they left, we ate a chicken. This seemed like a detail, but Leeloo had such an appetite than I started to wonder if everything was normal. Of course, she was still breastfeeding Alice, so she was eating more than usual, but still, half a chicken! Man! I do not know why, but I immediately wondered if Leeloo was pregnant…

That was very unlikely, Leeloo was still breastfeeding our little girl Alice, and we were (more or less) cautious. Still, I got this strange feeling. Some days later we drove my parents to the airport, and a few days later Diwann and Aurélie, Alice’s godfather and godmother joined us for a few days at Châteauvieux. In the following night, Leeloo did a pregnancy test, and it was positive!

We were shocked, Alice was only 7 months old… We did not sleep very well, and decided to keep that a secret until we let that big news settle down a little bit… We agreed to wait for Diwann and Aurélie to leave us before discussing that topic more thoroughly…

Being pregnant with a little girl in your skirts

Leeloo et Simon, Warly et le jus d'orange, Alice et l'avenirWe want several kids, no doubt about it, and knowing a new baby was on the way was really a great news for us, but still, we were a bit stupefied and worried. Having two pregnancies so close is not without risk, and taking care of two young children at the same time is not the simplest thing on earth!

In July 2013, Alice was still breastfeeding thrice a day, but the weaning process was under way, and Leeloo diminished the number of suckling and removed it completely in September 2013. And that was logical, Alice was just sucking 80 ml (less than 3 oz) of milk per day, whereas she was drinking nearly half a liter (17 oz) per day of powder milk.

Managing a pregnancy with a little girl still in infancy is far from simple; it’s difficult for the mum to find the time to speak to the baby in her belly, to prepare for the delivery, to visualize what life will be with this new baby. Moreover, Leeloo was worried by this delivery, she thought she wasn’t ready.

Gestational diabetes

The first seven months of pregnancy went perfectly, Simon grew normally, moved and reacted a lot to his older sister shouting! And then, Leeloo learnt that she had gestational diabetes, which is very frequent for pregnant women older than 24 years old. This diabetes disappears after childbirth, but still, this is a strong sign that the mum has a high risk of type 2 diabetes later in life.

As a consequence, Leeloo had to check her diet to prevent Simon uncontrolled growth and also limit bad effects linked to high blood level of sugar, as sight problems, for example.

But we did not take this risk as seriously as we should have, and afterwards we started to worry a lot about Leeloo’s diet, not knowing exactly if she was careful enough or not. She took more weight during this pregnancy: 15 kg (33 lbs) compared to 12 kg (26 lbs) for Alice. We were really afraid that Simon was going to be too big, and that the delivery would go bad…


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