Alice, February 2014, 14th month of a little girl

In February 2014, We stayed in Chateauvieux at my parents’ house, after a small visit to La Rochelle. This month in the countryside was an opportunity for Alice to improve her walking skills with Papibiot and Mamidou, and she even said her first word!

A long journey in the car

We left Paris on January 31 towards La Rochelle, where we stayed a little and then we drove to Nimes on February 3, spent the night at Leeloo’s uncle’s place and finally left for Gap on the 4th. It was a 1400-kilometer trip by car, which was a very long trip for Leeloo, now in her eighth month of pregnancy, and Alice, who enjoyed the window view for the first time thanks to her new car seat: Kiddy Guardian Pro2. This seat is highly rated on the Internet, it can be used until your child is twelve year old, and the shield is very easy to place and keeps our little girl well protected.
Regarding Leeloo’s pregnancy, many believe that long car rides are prohibited for pregnant women, especially from the eighth month, but this is incorrect. As long as you stay on the motorway, and take frequent breaks, there’s no problem. However, car rides can still be risky, and if you have an accident, a pregnant woman is going to be far more complicated to care for, given the complexity of the pregnancy. And that’s why travelling by car may be dangerous for pregnant women.

The relentless walker

Since she took her first steps, Alice walks all day long until exhaustion. It is not uncommon that at the end of the day, she still insists on walking although she’s barely standing up, stumbling upon everything and losing her balance.
My parents do not lack space, both inside and outside the house, and Alice ran several miles a day between the living room, dining-room, hallway and kitchen, or likes checking the mailbox with Mamidou or visiting the pigeons with Papibiot.
At nighttime, we had to stop her, when she hardly stood up, and her busy days were not always enough to ensure her a good night’s sleep. She often woke up, and we didn’t know whether this was due to the new environment, our presence in the room, or the temperature. Often we just needed to pat her back a little to reassure her, and she immediately fell asleep.


Alice can spend hours at the kitchen window, watching birds that peck the leftovers Mamidou scatters a few meters from the house. And this is a real parade: sparrows, doves, robins, tits, and even a couple of pheasants!
Papibiot also has three pigeons that are in an aviary, and if you are taking Alice on a tour of the garden, you have to go there! Now her eyesight allows her to spot birds from far away, and when she hears one singing, she signs “hear sound” and turns in all directions to find the bird.

Communication of a 14-month-old little girl

The number of words that Alice signs is not much yet, she understands a lot but she does not reproduce them. But she signs “come”, “music”, “light”, sometimes “eat” and “mommy”.
Alice clearly pronounced her first word during this month at her grandparents’. While Mamidou was showing her some pictures, she asked her who was on one of them, and the little girl softly pronounced “pa-pa”! She said it again, several times, and always appropriately, si Iam pretty sure it wasn’t a coincidence.


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