Alice, January 2014, 13th month of a little girl

Alice découvre le dadaAlice is now more than a year old, she is no longer a baby, she is a little girl! She took her first steps while on holidays at his grandparents’ in La Rochelle, and she is now practicing this new and fabulous activity all the time. She has increased in dexterity and always insists on helping her dad tinkering with computers!

Alice walks all the time

Since her first steps, on her birthday,Alice keeps walking all the time. At first, it was just a few steps between the couch and coffee table, and then between the table and the door, and then from the kitchen to the living room, and then from the house to the end of the residence, and soon after, she could go all the way to the supermarket! In one month, Alice went from three steps to several thousands, she walks all day long, constantly navigating from one piece of furniture to another. She often falls on her butt, but she gets up and keeps walking. Fortunately, she hasn’t experienced any painful fall yet. And she event almost starts running, when we play tag together.

Alice likes repairing things

Alice has a soft spot for screwdrivers , since the day she saw me disassemble a computer, she becomes totally mad when she can get one in her hands. She tries to put it everywhere she can, turning it around like her dad. And if you ever try to take the screwdriver back from her, beware of the crisis that would follow! This is sometimes a little difficult to do anything with a little girl around, but it is nice for her to see and touch new things with me. I can supervise her and she is less likely to do it by herself when we’re not watching. Generally speaking, she wants to do everything like us: DIY, repairing, washing the dishes, unscrewing, cutting stuff … So we always have to think a little to let her get the satisfaction of doing things like us, without all the danger of such or such activity. We try not to do any dangerous things in front of her, so that she doesn’t get the idea to try by herself, anyway.

The feats of a 13-month-old baby

Being 13 month old, Alice can now walk alone for several hundred meters before getting tired. She understands many things that we say and she manages to signs a dozen words, not always the most useful for us, but it’s still a form of communication, and it is wonderful to see our little girl saying ‘fire’ in front of the chimney or ‘hot’ when she sees her mum’s burning teacup. She knows where to put the round shape in her shape sorter, for the other shapes, I guess we will have to wait a little more.

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