Alice, december 2013, twelfth month of a baby

Alice eating her first birthday cakeOn December 24th, 2012 at 9:06 p.m. our little Alice was born. Her first birthday is approaching, but we are still ecstatic of our little bundle of joy and her continual progress.

Baby knows sign language

She began signing last month, and now Alice’s means of communication grows day after day. Although it is rare, she sometimes signs “to eat” when she’s hungry. She signs “light”, “music”, or “finished” often. When a dish is too hot or when she sees fire, which she discovered for the first time at her grandparents’, she signs “hot”. We do not know many signs and do not use them consistently, but clearly our one year old baby would be able to convey a lot more if we were more conscientious in using sign language with her.

Alice socializing at one-year old

Alice is raised by her mom, Leeloo, which remains at home with her. We were a little afraid that Alice, seeing no other children at the kindergarten, becomes a “wild child”. But for now she shows absolutely no signs of fear of people or other children. Instead, she is very cheerful and readily accepts people to take her in their arms, when she’s not the one asking it directly.
She does not like to be alone, but she does not specifically look for her mom or dad as long as someone takes care of her. For instance, she spent four days at her ​​grandparents’, and we did not seem to miss her at all !

Games for a one-year old

Open, close, fill and empty boxes are the most common occupation of Alice in the last recent weeks. She loves to screw and unscrew caps on small plastic bottles . She can spend half an hour pouring small balls from a box to a basket and vice versa. Since she’s 11 months old , we often give her a spoon at mealtime so that she trains eating by herself. We know that it will probably take many months before she can eat her puree by herself, but she already manages to eat a few spoonfuls, even if the high chair receives the largest proportion of the food that slowly passes from the bowl to her mouth…

Alice likes to play tag , I run after her on my knees, then we reverse the roles. She also learns songs with hand gesture, but she only applauds, except sometimes when it seems she’s dancing on the puppet song.

Probably like all children, she loves objects that make noise, but we try not to give her too much plastic toys that make horrible noises. The sound quality is often deplorable, and we’s rather leave Alice the joy of making noise by banging on objects, the sounds are more natural and it’s a better learning experience anyway.

Baby walks!

On December 22nd, two days before her first birthday, Alice walked ​her first three steps. She quickly repeated this feat, going from her father’s arms to her mother’s, but she no longer wanted to walk until Saturday 28th, when she decided to walk 5 or 6 steps, without any help or incentive from us. It will probably take a few weeks for her to get enough insurance to really walk all by herself all the time…

Baby’s got a cold

During her twelfth month Alice caught a bad cold. Her temperature rose to 38.5°C (101.3°F) one day, then she coughed a lot, and had a stuffy nose. Having a stuffy nose is difficult for a baby because they do not have the habit of breathing through the mouth, so Alice would often wake up at night, because of that. Unfortunately, Alice does not know how to blow, and the use of nasal aspirator or saline drops to unblock her nose always makes her scream.

When a baby gets a cold, if the fever does not persist, there is not much to do except waiting for it to pass. Especially because babies under three years old can not take medicine to diminish the symptoms, so you have to wait a week so that the cold go away. If the symptoms stay more than a week though, it is best to consult a doctor, especially if your baby has a persistent cough.

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