Alice, september 2013, ninth month a little baby

Now that Alice easily crawls everywhere, she began a thorough exploration of the house and monopolizes our attention in all the risky situations in which she puts herself into. Her diet has known few variations for the last two months, but many small changes gradually transform our baby into a little girl.

The fisrt tooth

At eight months, Alice finally got his first tooth, and not without difficulty! For several days she was very grumpy, with liquid stools and redness on the buttocks, the symptoms. And then one day, we saw a very small tooth appear on her lower gum. But the process was long, it took a month or so. And now, her first tooth has just came out and we see another one pointing out!

This hardly changes her diet though, one cannot do much with a single tooth! In addition to milk, she always eats applesauce in the morning, with two biscuits, a 200g jar of vegetable with some meat for lunch, applesauce and a yogurt at 4pm and mashed vegetable in the evening. We noticed that since mid-August Alice has slightly accelerated her growth as we can see on her growth curve in Maman Bébé.

Indeed, Leeloo has stopped breastfeeding Alice in the morning since August 15th, and we believe that the introduction of artificial milk and the weaning process have this effect. So far we’re pretty happy to fatten her up a little as she is on the lower part of the curve, a small model, but we remain attentive.

Baby babbles


Haba Baba! Hama Mama! Overnight in late September, Alice suddenly started to babble all day long while crawling everywhere around the house. And she began signing too. We sign with Alice since her birth, signs like “stand up”, “sit”, “eat”, “milk”, “bring”, “come”, “hello”, “change the diaper”, basic signs in short.

Since she is 5 or 6 months old, we know she understands “carry” and “stand up” because she prepares herself when we sign them. For other signs, it’s hard to say, we do not know if this is the sign itself or the fact that we opened the cupboard to reach for the cookies that causes her hysteria. However, Alice summarily signs. She would raise her arms to be held, even if it is not a sign in itself. She would reply to a “hello” and, more recently, it seems to she moves her hand to ask us to come. Sometimes she focuses on her fingers and put them in certain positions, but we don’t know too if she’s trying to sign or just playing with them.

Baby stands up

Alice deboutEverything is good enough to help you stand up: a table, a sofa, a window, walls, stairs, boxes… Baby has an insatiable thirst to always climb higher! On the other side, going down is not the same story, and Alice remains blocked, standing up against the sofa for many minutes, wants to go down but can’t, crying for help, until she gets tired and falls on her butt (or a passing-by mom takes pity of such a beautiful but sad baby).

A little brother or sister is coming!

Yes! We are expecting a second child! We will not know until November if it is a little boy or a girl, but we are very happy! We are a bit afraid because the baby is due on late March 2014, and Alice will only be 15 months old. So the first months will probably be a bit hectic… Leeloo was really tired in July and August, so she decreased the breastfeedings, and by September Alice is only nursed once in the morning, which probably means 80 ml of milk. She drinks artificial milk during the day, between 400 and 500ml in addition to a yogurt and a small portion of cheese.

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