Alice, August 2013, the eighth month of a little baby

Alice, born on the 24th of December 2012, celebrated her eighth month on the 24th of August. In her eight month, she reached an important milestone this month, she began crawling!

Baby is now crawling

Alice crawlingOn August 14th, I saw Alice awkwardly going for her first crawl. Several days later, she could crawl for two or three meters to reach for something really worthy, like a remote control for instance :) Because, everyone knows that Daddy’s or Mummy’s arms aren’t interesting enough to move, but if you get a chance to play with an iPhone or the TV remote, that’s really worth the effort!
A week afterwards, she could come and go from the living room to the kitchen when we called her, and then began the great exploration of the apartment: tasting the ficus leaves, pulling every wire lying on the floor, touching every object on the small shelves. This new acquired mobility skill gave her a lot of things to do during her eight month.

Sleep of an eight-month baby

Since we came back from Gap, Alice has a more regular sleep pattern, a whole night of sleep between 9 pm and 5 am, even until 6 am sometimes! This sleep pattern works great for us because we hardly go to bed after 10 pm, and I wake up really early in the morning at 5:30/6:00 am (Leeloo usually sleeps a bit more). During the day, Alice began to sleep less than before, she could stay up to 6 hours awake, but usually took a nap in the morning around 10nam, and two naps in the afternoon, from 1 to 2 pm and 4 to 5 pm.
Sometimes she managed to fall asleep alone, but most of the time we had to help her fall asleep. She usually went to sleep after 5 or 10 minutes of rest, we are so lucky! She’s used to sleep in her own room since she is 5 months old and it is going ok. Sometimes, she would wake up in the middle of the night and she go right back to sleep, some other times she would need our presence in the room and some taps in the back, but her nights were mostly calm.

Food of an eight-month old baby

Alice aime bien mangerAt eight month, Alice ate 6 times a day. She would wake up to nurse with her mum, and drink around 2¾oz (80ml) of mother milk. At breakfast, she would drink her 4oz milk bottle (120ml) and eat two biscuits. At noon, another bottle of milk with a puree of vegetables and meat / fish (around 7oz / 200g). At 4pm, we served her a snack with yet another bottle of milk and a “petit suisse” (a small yogurt with cream, perfect for children) with some fruit puree. At diner, we offered her 200g of vegetable puree and a small soft cheese serving, then she would breastfeed before going to sleep around 9pm.
We haven’t diversified her food much since her seventh month, sometimes she tasted new stuff we were eating ourselves, but we still avoided honey and nuts. She didn’t have any teeth yet but she could chew on rice and pasta when they were overdone.
She liked to eat fruit puree in small pouches, the one we take on hiking trips, it is a meal she can eat all by herself, and she loved it!

Cloth diapers

Alice wiath a cloth diaperSince Alice was born, we have decided to use cloth diapers as much as we could. We have many diapers of different types and brands. After 8 months of use, we would recommend to anyone wishing to use cloth diapers to zap the first months, especially if you breastfeed. Or else, you’ll spend you days and night washing up stools off your very brand new cloth diapers. Once you begin weaning, stools become solid and then cloth diapers get a lot more fun. We also had the habit of putting a disposable diaper to Alice for the night, we didn’t want to deal with a fussy wet baby in the middle of the night.

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