Alice, June 2013, sixth month of a little baby

Alice on our bedOn June 24, 2013, Alice celebrated her first six months, a few days after summer solstice, and close to six month of winter time in France! Her sixth month was calmer than the previous one, we mainly stayed at our place, but some nice days pushed us outside for some walks. Alice was smoothly moving from little baby to baby, demonstrating day after day her will to conquer the world, beginning with the few square feet of her room!

Food to give to a six-month-old baby

Alice is happy

We struggled a bit to introduce food in Alice milk-only diet, but she rapidly expressed an avid curiosity to taste new food. We prevented as much as we could allergy-prone food, such as cereals, nuts, dairy products, but we did not hesitate to have her taste almost all the food we eat ourselves, as long as she could masticate it with her gums ; she was thrilled to eat a banana by herself, rushing on it like a wolf on its prey. On a typical day, Alice has a first  breastfeeding around 5.30 am, then after a little nap or watching me doing my morning pull-ups, she has seconds of her mother milk at 8 am. At 11 am, she eats lunch, 100 to 150 grams of food, mainly smashed vegetables, sometimes with a bit of meat. She breastfeeds again at 1 pm and has a  a snack at 4 pm with some compote, 100% made of fruits without any extra sugar. Her last meal is between 7 and 8 pm with more of her mother milk, to finish her day and prepare a good night of sleep.

Alice began eating a lot of different vegetables, green beans, spinach, zucchini, potatoes, broccoli, peas, carrots, as well as different fruits, apple, apricot, pear, banana… Moreover, we always let her the pleasure of chewing a piece of bread, even if we should have waited a  bit, but this was so easier to feed her when she was distracted by her crouton!

Baby is moving (a lot)

Alice during her gymDuring her sixth month, Alice improved her turn over technique, and though she could not do it all the time, if the task is worth it, for example to play with mum’s tablet (why is mum spending so much time with that bizarre thing, it does not even taste good!), then Alice starts to move like a worm, turning over, arching herself, pushing with her legs up to the point of nearly being bent at 90 degrees and progressing like a slug.

On one afternoon, Leeloo and I were working in the garden. After the 1 pm breastfeeding, Leeloo put Alice to sleep in our bed, in the very middle under the blanket carefully tucked in to prevent her to move too much if she wake up, as usual. She used to cry when waking up, so we could easily hear her then.

On this very day, I heard her cry, so I let what I was doing to go upstairs and see her, but rapidly something did not seem normal, her cries were different, so I rushed upstairs and I found our poor Alice under the bed table of her mum!

Panicked, I ran close to her to reassure her, she was crying and sobbing very hard, but she was awake, which was a good sign, it meant she likely did not suffer a severe hit in her head. I resisted the envy to immediately take her in my arms, and tried first to auscultate her. I gently touched her arms, her legs, her head, her body, nothing seemed to hurt her particularly, so I tried to move her limbs, everything seemed all right so I decided to move her with care to lay her on the bed.

Alice on our bedLeeloo arrived and we spent a long time watching her on the bed, not moving her, although she was still crying. But after a while and no sign of injury, we finally let her have some milk to comfort her, and then her mood improved greatly and she stopped sobbing.

This is always very distressing when a baby fall, especially with a hit on her head. But this is very common, babies learn how to deal with pain when they fall, and they will fall, a lot! However, that does not mean we cannot try to smooth their fall a bit. As soon as a baby has fallen, before moving her you must check that nothing is broken, otherwise consequences could be dramatic. If the baby is unconscious, do not waste any time, immediately call for help, 911 or equivalent, her life could be at stake! If she is crying, this is good news, try to reassure her and comfort her while you try to evaluate the seriousness of the fall. If everything seems fine, keep an eye on your baby for one day or two, try to check any strange behavior and if possible let her postpone a bit her future career as a stunt performer.

A highchair for baby

Alice on her highchair

Since her fifth month, Alice was seating steadier and steadier. Eager to have her seat at the kitchen table with us, Leeloo searched and compared various highchairs for babies. There are hundred of them! However we had some strict rules. First we wanted a chair made in France or at least Europe. Then, we wanted a removable tablet so that Alice, when she is older, could be seated at the main table, with us. She selected two chairs, the first one is the very famous Stokke Tripp Trapp, which is a bestseller since the 70’s. You can check the description on the Stokke website.

The other one is made by a famous french manufacturer, Combelle, however I do not think it is available in the USA. The model we liked was Twenty One Evo.

At the end we chose the Combelle one. First it is far cheaper than the Stokke, about $160 for the Combelle Twenty One whereas the Stokke exceed $300 if you buy the chair and the special seat for small babies. Moreover Combelle is a very old French brand, so we liked the idea of promoting this old tradition!


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