Alice, July 2013, seventh month of a baby

Alice and MamidouDuring July 2013, for her seventh month, Alice enjoyed three sunny weeks under the blue sky of Châteauvieux, where her grandparents Papybiot and Mamidou lives. She played on the lawn, ate a bunch of new things and above all was heavily pampered!


The last time Alice saw her grandparents,  Papybiot and Mamidou, was back in May, and two months are a long time for a little baby, a lot changes! She was delighted to wander with them in the garden, play on the lawn and be strolled around. My parents bought a second-hand stroller, a Peg-Perego Pliko . This is a basic stroller but it is perfectly adapted to a baby like Alice. It cannot go everywhere, though, it might be a bit tricky on bumpy roads. Folded, it still uses quite some space in the car trunk, but it has several positions to have the baby seated or laid, and protected from rain or sun.

A nice party was organized to celebrate the first visit of Alice on the land of her ancestors, and she met my uncle Louis and my aunt Christine, my other aunt Yvonne and also my primary school teacher and her husband. Alice was very nice, as usual, and everyone enjoyed holding her and playing with her for some time. Alice likes so much to be the center of attention!


Alice likes to wear her sunglasses alamodeOne drawback of the sunny weather for a young blue-eyed child (or not): mandatory sunglasses! But at seven months, she didn’t always agree to wear them, and if she decided not to be bothered by those strange things, no matter what, the sunglasses would not stay for long! In those cases, we still tried to put them back, and sometimes after some arguing and four or five tries, she finally accepted them. If not, we still tried to have her at least wearing her hat, to prevent her little fragile eyes from catching too much UV.

Against the sun, we also use a protective anti-UV cream, but mainly we try not to let her in direct sunlight and use clothes to reduce skin exposition.

Food for a seven-months baby

Alice likes chocolateNectarine, apricot, biscuit, banana, bread, melon, the list of food Alice can eat by herself is growing every month! Of course, this never is a really clean job, per say, it’s hard not to mop the floor after her meal, but what a fulfillment for the little girl to be able to eat by herself! Her diet was completed during her seventh month. Before she was only eating something different from her mother milk for noon and 4pm, then after six months she started to have a breakfast in the morning with some compote and a biscuit and a diner of mixed vegetables in the evening too.

Baby sits

A important milestone took place at the end of Alice’s seventh month, she managed to sit by herself! Laying down on the bed my parents bought for her, I was watching her awakening after her nap, and then, curling with her knee under her, she pushed on her arms and manage to raise enough to sit on her buttocks! Congratulations, my baby!


Alice and MamidouAs Alice was able to keep seated more or less, and could move, somehow, in her immediate surroundings, her main playground was just a blanket on the floor. We showed her various objects that she learned to recognize and play with. Some stuffed animals, a level bubble, a rattle, a computer mouse, a keyboard… She wanted to grab anything we hold in hands, but this was of course impossible! As she immediately put anything in her hands to her mouth, we must be careful not to give her anything too small that she may swallow. Wires should be checked, also, as she could roll up or strangle herself… And she started to love objects that make noise, ouch!


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