Maman Bébé, a log application for baby

maman_bébé_tabletteOur first daughter Alice was born on December 24th, 2012. Welcoming a little baby is a great joy, but nevertheless, this is a big challenge for new parents. Biology, medicine or psychology have made tremendous breakthroughs since mankind appeared about the mechanisms involved in the birth and development of a newborn. However science is not always capable to answer all the questions new parents may have on a day to day basis.

A lot of questions about baby

Is my baby fine? Has she eaten enough? Does she sleep sufficiently? Is she cold, hot? Very often we learn to answer those questions with tries and errors, observing, listening, guessing what is going on in this little head. We go to checklists and routines each time our baby cries…

At the maternity ward, I was surprised to learn that counting the number of pees per day was a way to know if the baby is eating correctly. Less than six pees a day and she is likely to be underfed. Although breastfeeding has a great deal of advantages, it is harder to know how much the baby has drunk. One way is to weigh the child before and after being fed, but this is fastidious, and everything is not digested!

Another concern is the baby temperature. To find out if a newborn is hot or cold, you can check his temperature compared to her usual one, but you have to know this one first, as babies temperature can vary up to 4⁰F (2⁰C) from one baby to another!

An application to follow baby

Maman Bébé main interfaceThis is not easy to remember each time the baby drank, if she drank from the left or the right breast, and how many times she peed or pooped. To help Leeloo and me, remember trivial things about Alice, I rapidly  developed a small web application to log most of them and have a simple way to consult history. This application, was only dedicated to feeding and peeing, keeping date and time of each event, initially. But over the time and Alice’s growth, I added weight and size, sleeping and activity cycles and important milestones, such as tweeting, keeping seated, catching her feet…

Monitoring food, weight and size of baby

Alice digestive behavior since her birthThe main function of Mamn Bébé is to monitor food, digestion and growth. Thanks to charts, a simple glance give you the overall state of the baby, her growth and weight curb, along with the World Health Organization default curbs as well, and the number of suckling or peeing per day.

Moreover, the interface is responsive so you can have a nice view on your mobile devices or your computer screen.

Log baby activity from anywhere

Weight of Alice since her birthAs Maman Bébé is an Internet website, you  can consult it from any connected device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can check on the website from your house or anywhere else, a friend’s or any location with Internet coverage.

Moreover, you can perfectly choose to monitor only some aspects of your baby life. Of course the application was mainly dedicated to suckling, but you can also check the number of baby bottles or other parameters. You can use the application just for one week to check on a specific item, number of pees, number of hours asleep or just to keep track of your baby weight and size.

Maman Bébé in testing phase

Now, Leeloo is helping me to beautify the application interface, and as she is the main user, she changes the ergonomy to meet her needs. I am more dedicated on core functions and using the main engine for other applications.

If you are interested in testing Maman Bébé, il you are curious or if you want to help us developing this application, if you have a special need you did not find anywhere, you can leave a comment to this article and we will give you access to Maman Bébé. We just need a specific email to identify you, but no other personal data are needed.

Do not think twice about testing Maman Bébé :-)

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