Alice, May 2013, fifth month of a little baby

Alice eating breadIn May 2013, Alice went with us to Brittany and Luxembourg. Those trips went pretty well but they did not stop Alice in her run to grow. She crossed the 13 lbs (6 kg) and 12 feet (60 cm) barriers and started to eat her first fruits and vegetables!


From her fifth month, with the pediatrician’s agreement, we started to give her new food. Let’s be clear, our first try with zucchini was a failure! Our pediatrician recommended early introduction of fruits and vegetables because they are unlikely to cause allergies. We began with one or two spoons each days, more to have Alice tasting than really being fed. We tried to keep the same vegetable for a few consecutive days, because even allergies to vegetables are rare, it’s easier to find any culprit if we focus on one aliment at a time.

Alice was not very fond of zucchini, but I must admit that mashed zucchini, 100% pure, not seasoned, is quite difficult to eat! But the next days the carrot puree was more welcomed. It was still a challenge to feed Alice, and there was such a mess that we had to change her clothes after each feedings, and mop the kitchen :-) Alice is a real moving blender, she wanted to grab everything with her hands and spatter food on every sides! Quite rapidly we gave her a piece of bread for her to suck and keep her occupied. She liked that a lot and once distracted, it was far easier for us to propose new food.

Alice eating bread on her mother's lapdWe tried to show Alice real food, a boiled carrot, a brocoli, a green bean. She took them and taste them by herself, then we presented the same vegetable but pureed this time. At the time of this post, she tried zucchini (yuck), carrot (hmm), green beans (hmm), brocoli (yummy!), apple (yummy! yummy!) and peas (yummy! yummy!). During her fifth month we strictly offered her 100% pure smashed veggies, without seasoning. She ate only a few spoons, some â…“oz to 1oz (10 to 30g), but the goal was more to help her discover new flavors, not really to fed her.


Alice playing with Mamie ClaudieDuring her fifth month, we put Alice more and more in the seating position, and we must admit that she managed to keep seated for several seconds, sometimes helping herself putting down her hands on her legs like a tripod. She always enjoys standing up, and we only take her hands and let her look around happily for two or three minutes, before one of her knees fail her, then we put her seated again. She performs more turnover, from her back to her belly. She is not yet able to perform them at will, only doing that once every two or three days. And she is still irremediably stuck at the same place if we put her on the ground, not able yet to crawl.

Baby now in her room

Since she was four months old, Alice slept in her own room, which is just beside ours and we can hear her as soon as she growls. She seems to wake up more frequently at nights. She is not really hungry, she just needs to be comforted likely. Sometimes, she sleeps through the whole night, from 10pm to 6am, but oftentimes she wakes up at 3am. But we think she wakes up naturally several times per night, and fall asleep right back most of the time except when she is too anxious and cannot managed to sleep by herself. But it is quite frequent that she just stays in her bed, alone and awake, tweeting and playing with her hands and feet, for half an hour.


Pictures taken by Papy Daddy :-)

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