A little tour in the East of France and Luxembourg

Alice with her sunglassesThe day after we came back from Brittany, we took the opportunity of our friend Rona’s wedding in Luxembourg to have a little detour in the East of France to visit my uncle Denis and aunt Marie, in Soultz Haut-Rhin, in Alsace. And when returning home from Luxembourg, we stopped to say hello to my old friend Aline living close to Reims.

Soultz Haut-Rhin

Denis and AliceDuring our trip in Brittany, we borrowed Leeloo’s sister-in-law an infant car seat, a Concord Ultimax (I do not know if this brand is sold in the USA). This seat accepts children up to 30 lbs (about 18kg) with a double position. Indeed it supports a flat mode where Alice was nearly completely laid down on her back.

Thanks to this car seat, our trip to visit my uncle Denis and my aunt Marie in Soultz was easier. This was a 300 miles trip (about 500km), which represented 6 hours of driving including several pauses. Soultz is a small town but its history is rich. The church was built in the XIIIth century and several fortifications can be watched over the city, including a nice walk circling the historical city center. Nowadays the city main activity is dedicated to wine and vines surround the town and feed directly or indirectly a great proportion of the population.

Alice was happy to see her great uncle and aunt, and she was strutting a bit with her sunglasses on the terrace while we were enjoying a delicious choucroute made by my aunt Marie. Leeloo even asked for more cabbage, I couldn’t belive it!


AliceWe only stayed in Soultz for two days and on  Friday we departed toward Luxembourg. The weather was grey but the trip to the small village of Junglister went smoothly. We stopped several times to attend to Alice, feed her and change diapers. We did not eat in the evening, full from our last meal in Soultz. We thought about going on a little tour on Saturday morning, but Alice’s agitated night  and a late breakfast dissuaded us to move before the wedding.

We left the hotel around 2pm to drive to the nearby village where the church was located. We already knew they were going to say yes because, as in many countries, they had already performed the civil wedding the day before! Alice and Leeloo not happy

After the church and some vocalization from Alice while the mother of Adrien was beautifully singing, we went to another village in a magnificent castle where the diner party was held. Unfortunately, there was no room to put Alice down to sleep, but we managed to build a kind-of bed with some cushions in a big room upstair the reception main room. She had some difficulties finding her sleep, but from 11pm she slept straight up to 2am, when we departed.

Unfortunately, her sleeping since 11pm meant she ended her night around 7am, and we did not really managed to find time to sleep later on… Finally, we packed our things and left the hotel a 11am toward Luxembourg City to have a little visit. We did not stayed there long, though, as tiredness and rain encouraged us to drive for our next stop, Reims.


AliceWe stayed for one day, from Sunday evening to Monday evening, at our friends Aline and Michael’s, in a village called Champfleury. They have two lovely daughters, Téana, 4 years old, and Siloé, 13 months. They were both really excited to see our baby Alice. Young children like babies a lot! And Alice was kind enough to let them play a bit with her. We enjoyed the relatively good weather and have a nice walk in this little village. At the end of the Monday, we took the road once more to came back to our place after 10 days of intensive road-trip with Alice!


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