Alice, April 2013, fourth month of a little baby, important steps

AliceApart from her first tear and her first sunbath, Alice reached some important milestones in her fourth month. Each baby has her own calendar, and nothing has to be rushed, but still, it is always a pleasure for new parents to see their little creation crossing some important steps of development.

First turnover

Since her birth, we had been putting Alice on her belly as often as we could, as long as we can check on her, in her room, our own bed or on the sofa in the living room. She got quite rapidly frustrated in that position and she never stayed on her belly for more than 10 minutes, likely because she had to push on her arms to be able to see around, and not able to move her legs like she liked while on her back. So, usually we kept her up until she started to weep, to encourage her to search how to improve on her poor condition.

At the end of her fourth month, while laying on her belly and starting to get irritated, Alice suddenly swayed her hips and kicked with one leg and *bam* she turned over! So long the time this little baby was stuck in the position we put her into! Now begin a new era of movement!

Well, only premises of such an era, because our little tornado did not manage to reiterate this first exploit in the following week. But we did not want to rush things and let her savor this first victory against stillness…

This was also a first warning to us, parents, to become even more careful when we let Alice on our bed or the sofa. Even if we had always been careful to prevent any falls, soon enough her playing mat will be the only safe place for her to play securely…

Baby catches her feet

Alice catching her feetCatching her feet was another significant milestone. She started to grab her feet while on the changing table, and we discovered that she liked a lot to stay bare legs. It is convenient to clean her buttocks, and she could stay in that position for a long time, up to 30 minutes, playing alone. From time to time, with some efforts she could even suck her foot toes! Good for her, that may not last long… Approximately in the same period of time, Alice had her first laugh, another sign of her development. The tickle-tickle season is officially opened!

Baby’s sleep

Alice drooling during her sleepAlice started to sleep for a whole night, from 10pm to 6am, during her fourth month. However that was far from regular, and if she could sleep for 8 hours straight during three or four days, she could totally change the following days and wake up once or twice per night again, crying and hungry.

She was still sleeping in our room, but we were planning to move her in her own room, and eventually take her back with us if she wakes up by hunger or anxiety. You will likely hear anything and everything about the good way to make your baby sleep, but each baby is unique, so it is up to you to choose the way you think is best, and because you are the person who know your baby the best, experiment! We usually put Alice down to sleep in her bed or her cradle. She resists and moans for some time, and we let her unless she starts to cry for real, then we comfort her, gently patting her back to signify our support.

Alice is her mum's daughterAlice falls asleep more easily on her belly, so we often put her to sleep in this position and then turn her over on her back when we go to sleep. Leeloo sings a song to Alice to help her fall asleep, but as Alice cries when I sing, I only talk to her with a quiet voice, most of the time just counting the seconds…

It is very rare for her to fall asleep by herself. She is usually quite excited in the evening, but it generally takes us less than 20 minutes to calm her down and make her fall asleep. Do not think though that preventing your baby to sleep during the day would make her sleep better at night, this is not true for babies, the more excited and tired they are, the harder it will be for them to fall asleep, so let your baby sleep as soon as she is grumpy during the day, it may help you later at night.

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