Alice, February 2013, second month of a little baby, breastfeeding and activity

Alice at two monthsAlongside sleeping, growth and health, feeding was a important concern during the second month. Leeloo kept breastfeeding and started to figure out some tips to make these precious moments with Alice more comfortable. From the second month a baby is becoming more and more alert; wake-up times increase and if the difference between day, noisy and luminous, and night, dark and quiet, has been clearly marked from her birth, baby should start sleeping more during the night.


During her first month Alice suckled 8 times per day. In her second month, she reduced suckling to 7 times per day, one feeding less. It is likely that one of the night feeding has  disappeared. Leeloo was still breastfeeding Alice on demand. However we discovered that feeding Alice too often may be a source of excitation. This may be linked to the composition of the milk which changes during the feeding. At first the milk contains more water and glucose, and get richer in fat afterwards. As a consequence, breastfeeding more often can help the baby stay more hydrated, but it could also lead her to drink less, as she is less hungry, and get more lactose, a derivative from the glucose, a carbohydrate rapidly digested and passing in the baby bloodstream.

Breastfeeding could be harsh on the mum breasts so she has to be extra protective of her tits. Lanolin helps rehydrate and protect them, it should be used after each suckling. Leeloo used Lanolin Medela. Lanolin is a wool wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals, it sounds disgusting but actually this is as natural as it can be, and very efficient. This is an eatable, however the lanolin must be extra pure because the baby is going to eat some of it.


Alice and her small Montessori mobileI bought 60 Montessori activities for my baby. This is a French book but you can find an English equivalent. We fell in love with the Montessori method. This method tries to teach to children how to be more autonomous and do things by themselves by following closely the baby development from her birth. Adequate exercises are linked to important milestones, limiting over-stimulation with super flashy plastic toys.

Alice was more and more alert and she stayed awake for longer period. And as her sight is greatly improving, she started to be more aware of her environment as well. Alice looked very attentively at her two special little books, Black on White and White on Black. Those two books shows different forms in black and white, especially adapted to the precarious vision of babies, more sensitive to high contrasts.

When she was awake, Alice was very active, pedaling with her legs and shaking her arms the fastest she could. She couldn’t really master her movements, but from time to time she grabbed something laying around. We tried to put her on her belly regularly. And we discovered that Alice always set her head on the same side while on her belly. That may be related to a position in the womb, but this could also indicate some trauma from the delivery. We thought about consulting an osteopath for babies to solve this mystery!


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