Birth of Alice – Sunday 23rd of December 2012

On Sunday, 23rd of December 2012, 3 o’clock in the morning, with my eyes half-opened, I could see Leeloo awake, seated beside me, using her tablet.

– Something wrong?
– I have contractions.
– Painful ones?
– Somehow.
– Regular?
– Every 7 minutes.

I analyzed calmly this information in a semi-sleep for the next two hours. At last, Leeloo fell asleep as well as I did. However the contractions did not stop and she could brief me in the morning about what “false labor” is, as she searched on the Internet during most of the night.

I do not believe in “false” labor.

“False labor”, painful contractions during the last month of pregnancy, is said not to be efficient per-say ; contrary to “real” labor, the contractions just before giving birth, “false” labor is not powerful and regular enough to have a real effect on the dilation of the cervix, the cap closing the uterus from the vagina. But “false labor” is nevertheless painful and exhausting.

If “false labor” is not a direct sign of the coming childbirth, it is still an indication that real labor is coming. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how long it will take, from several weeks to a couple of days, even though more frequently the childbirth is going to happen in the following days.

So, we did not have any rush and the car stayed peacefully in the garage because Alice might still be only coming in 2013. Leeloo was more active this week-end, helping me finishing the very simple box I created as a present for my mum. This is a wooden box, kind of a toy chest, very simple to build with only a saw and a driller (I will publish soon an article explaining how to build it).

The rest of the day went smoothly, I worked actively on the building of a piece of furniture to support the new sink we want to set up in the bathroom, a big one where we could wash some clothes and also Alice!

During the afternoon, we did some housework to welcome correctly my parents and brother who were coming for Christmas at our place.

Coming from the Alps, nearly at the opposite side of France, my siblings arrived around 6pm. Leeloo had contractions for the whole day, still every 7 minutes. We enjoyed the evening with my family, but we went to bed quite early, everyone was weary, Leeloo was very tired from her previous short night, I was from my day of wood-working, and my parents from their long trip.

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