My dream is to have a bracelet like the one in The Patriarch, which could give me data about my heart rate, my weight, my hydration level, what I should eat, if I am sleeping too much or too little, or my pheromone level… But until our smartphones improve to the point of replacing such a bracelet, I have to write down regularly my weight, in a old school way, in a basic text file. My first entry was on June, 14th, 2003, 3470 days ago. I measured 1379 weights since that day, more or less one every three days.

I weight myself in the morning, before taking my shower, trying to be more or less in the same physical conditions. In 2003 I weighted 62.8 kg (138.5 lbs) versus 63.8 kg (140.7 lbs) this morning. During those nearly 10 years, my average weight was 62.9 kg (140.9 lbs). The minimum was 58.9 (128.9 lbs), following a hard week of gastrointestinal illness and the maximum 66.7 kg on May, 16th, 2012 (147 lbs), likely after a few days of good meal!

Weight evolution from June, 2003 to December, 2012

The following graph shows the evolution of my weight on this period of time. The yellow curb is the average weight over three weeks, to smooth the values. Our trip to South America with Leeloo explains the gap at the beginning of 2012.

Here is the average weight during the years in kg/lbs:

Year Average weight Minimum weight Maximum weight
2003 62.4 137.6 60.8 134.0 63.8 140.7
2004 62.16 137.0 58.9 129.9 64.0 141.1
2005 62.4 137.6 59.4 131.0 64.2 141.5
2006 63.3 139.6 60.8 134.0 65.3 144.0
2007 62.8 138.5 60.9 134.3 66.1 145.7
2008 63.0 138.9 60.6 133.6 66.0 145.5
2009 63.4 139.8 62.0 136.7 65.2 143.7
2010 62.0 136.7 59.7 131.6 63.9 140.9
2011 63.6 140.2 62.0 136.7 64.7 142.6
2012 65.0 143.3 63.3 139.7 66.7 147.0

I must accept the fact that I am likely having a little “couvade” (brooding) in 2012. Or to be precise a reverse couvade, as it could be seen on the graph at the top of this article. My average weight brutally increased when we came back from South America, up to 65.8 kg (144.8 lbs), and then slowly decreased to 64.3 this December (141.5 lbs). Keeping 2012 aside, my weight on the previous years was mostly stable, slowly increasing, but still very close to 63 kg, 138.6 lbs.

Weight during the months of the year

If I calculate my average weight on every month over the years, it seems that I lose weight from May to October, about 700g, 1.5 lbs, and I gain it back from November to May.

Month January February March April May June July August September October November Décember
kg 63.0 62.7 62.8 63.1 63.5 63.2 63.1 62.9 62.5 62.7 62.8 63.1
lbs 138.6 137.9 138.2 138.8 139.7 139.0 138.8  138.4  138.5 137.9 138.2 138.8

Why following one’s weight?

You must think I am a crazy obsessed weight-centric freak, but I am not! Well… I am not more centered on my weight than I am on my my height (but it does not change as much, it’s kind of boring) or the temperature in my garden, or the number of fruits and vegetables I eat every day. More generally, I love data and I try to gather and exploit a lot of them (I should maybe postulate to Wolframalpha), to find out trends, rules, maybe a underlying world order…

Following one’s weight has its pros and cons. Irremediably a kind of control is linked to it, any suspect change is immediately spotted, and we will unconsciously prefer broccoli over pizzas when the scale displays 66 kg (145lbs) and have a great junk food party without regrets when it only displays 62 (135lbs).

During the week, I only eat a good meal a day, for lunch. I have a small breakfast and some bread and fruits at 4 pm, but my main calories intake is at noon. Most people I know support the idea that it is better to eat little but often; I do not believe them, I think they are lying. To eat often is the best way to gain weight. I think it is immensely easier to control one’s weight with only one meal a day.

Moreover, this brings a huge additional pleasure, because I can eat a lot! I do not have to worry because this is quite hard to gain weight with only one meal a day, so I can eat without any remorse spoiling the pleasure. I definitely think that it is harder to frustrate yourself several times per day with small meals instead of no meals at all. Because, as we say in France, the appetite comes with eating!

The “right” weight

But is there a right weight? Most of the formulas I can find on the Internet give me an ideal weight of 67 kg (147.4 lbs); I am supposed to be under-weight below 55 kg (121 lbs) and overweight above 74 kg (162 lbs). Still I think my ideal weight is 63 kg (138.6 lbs), this is the weight I am usually around without too much effort.

However, I will not start to panic if my average weight slowly slips toward 70 kg (154 lbs) when growing old… Exercising on a daily basis brings me a good idea of the influence of my weight over my performances, how many pull-ups, push-ups, the speed of my Sunday morning jogging in the forest… All those statistics provide hints about my physical condition, and if my achievements are stable, I am happy, no matter what my weight is.

This article is not aimed to convince anybody to do the same as I am! Each and every one of you have to find the adequate way to handle her body and feel happy. But for me keeping an eye on the scale guarantees my serenity…

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