How to make a wooden box – finitions

Once the main part of the article  Making a wooden box done, the box still needs some finishes. To use it outside the house, an appropriate protection is required against insects, the Sun and moisture. Moreover fixing the top with hinges could be handy to open and close it.


If the box was built with glue-laminated-wood panels, then three layers of wood stain are enough, preferably dark to increase protection against Sun light ultra-violet. Be carefull  though if the box will have often direct Sun light, dark colors can increase heating and damage the box. Wood stain is also a good way to customize the box with various shades or colors ; it is better to select a stain with a low level of VOCs (Volatile organic compound) to prevent pollution and health hazards.

The structure of this box is built without screws or nails, still metallic hinges to connect the top with the box are convenient to facilitate the opening and the closing of the box. However, as the top has nicks to be wedged on the box, you can perfectly stay the box as this.


To put the box outside, an insulation is needed on the feet to protect them from the soil and the moisture coming from it. If this is a concrete or a balcony with solid ground, a simple plastic patch should be enough. A thicker solution will be required if the box is to be put on the bare ground.

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