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On August, 16th, 2012, I woke up at around 6.50 am, after a stupid dream where I was losing my job, Leeloo and all my ideas! I must be a bit tired lately because I usually open my eyes at 6.20am, maybe because the day before I ran to go to my job, in the morning and in the evening.

It was late and I only got a few minutes to have a look at my new Patriarche website that I had been waiting to publish for months! Luckily Leeloo was up early on that day and we could have our breakfast together, great! Some push-ups and pull-ups, a shower, dressing, a kiss to my love and her big belly with my future daughter Alice in it and I jumped on my bike for a new day at work.

5 to noon, lunch: omelette, potatoes, mixed vegetables, green beans, goat cheese pastry, peaches and watermelon, good!

4pm, some more fruits in my diet with one apple, unfortunately no bananas today, this is sad.

Some time after 6pm, I took my bike to ride back home, and I managed to work for two hours on the blog editing this article. In the evening, we watched a tv show, then I worked a bit more, and dodo!

On Friday, November, 4th, 2011, my day was likely very similar to that day. Still, things had changed.

Of course in between I did a amazing three-months trip with Leeloo in America Latina, the opportunity for us to start this blog. Of course, now a little Alice is growing in Leeloo’s belly; the world rounded and rounded again, good and bad happened, but, in my daily routine, not that much changed. I still sleep for about 8 hours, work for 11 or 12 hours, took one hour to eat, do one hour of sport, watch the TV for one hour and spend quality time with Leeloo.

Before, I was laid down for 8 hours, doing sport for 1 hour, walk or stand for one hour, and I was seated all the rest of the time, about 14 hours.

But now, I work standing up!

As a consequence, in my classic day, I am only seated for about 3 hours, and I am standing up for 12 hours (13 including sport).

For several years, I read number of articles, studies, experiments feedback promoting the standing position and criticizing the seating one. And if going from one end to the other may not be easy, it is absolutely necessary to stand up and walk a bit every 30 minutes.

Some desks allow to select between the two positions, unfortunately they are quite rare and expensive. And this is quite tricky to build a desk that you can use while standing up or seated. Often, at least for me, all the stuff accumulated on my desk prevents any moves!

So I choosed the standing position, all the time. But this was far from easy! On the first weeks, I was only standing at home, then I also switched at work. I must admit that during the first months, that was hard. Quite often I was seating, with pains in my legs and my feet, to take some notes, during meetings, or to work on my second desk machine.

Then, it become easier and easier, pain disappeared and I felt my legs becoming stronger. Before, standing up for half an hour was exhausting for me, now several hours do not scare me. Still, if I did not have a good sleep, my day is terrible!

Standing up increase body metabolism, about 30 kilocalories more are burned every hour, which is equivalent to a bit more than a quarter mile of walk (500 meters). So, standing 4 hours per day is like walking for 1 mile ¼ (2 kilometers). Moreover, staying seated is not good for blood stream in the legs and not good for digesting neither.

Some argue that standing up could also lead to blood circulation problems, but they are far worse in the seated position! An intermediate position, standing but supported by a high chair, could bring some interesting compromise, or moving regularly. I must admit that it is impossible to stay static while standing, I am wriggling all the time, one one leg, then the other, I stretch, I walk a bit to wait for a compilation to finish or to think…

So, standing up while working on a desk job, this is possible, I have been doing that for 6 months now, and this is great! Next article about the long term effects on my body in a few years!

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