A small walk in Châteauvieux

On Wednesday June 13th, 2012, we took one day off in Châteauvieux, my parent’s village, on a sunny weather. In the morning, we did a walk to the top of the small village, and during the afternoon we bathed in the fresh waters of the Pelleautier lake.

Itinerary Tour in Châteauvieux
Distance 7km
Vertical gain +200m
Vertical drop -200m
Altitude min 750m
Altitude max 900m
Duration 2h15

This rest day allowed us to warm up under the Sun of Châteauvieux. I guided my friends towards the high lands of Bel-Air, across the fields of poppies. Once on the Bel-Air plateau, we left through a small path to the orientation table where we could appreciate the panorama and think about what we were going to do for the next days.

We continued further on this path and at some point left the way to go through a pine forest. We walked with some difficulties to the rocks, big hills of crumbly rocks where I was doing my somersaults when I was a child.

Some climbing later, we got back on a small track which allowed us to find  the road back to Pierre Grosse (Big Rock). We then went back to my parent’s following the road, stopping back at the center of the village to see the new place inaugurated not long ago. We ate under a nice shining Sun and enjoyed some idleness during the beginning of the afternoon when the weather was too hot.

During the afternoon, we decided to go bathing, so we drove to the Lake of Pelleautier. The small touristic lake is still quiet and only a handful of tourists were enjoying the view of the Céüze mountain over the fresh waters. We swam a bit and then laid down under the Sun for some time.

In the end of the afternoon we went to the supermarket to buy some food for the treks for the following days. I bought some more trekking maps of the surroundings in the IGN top25 collections. These very precise maps are really a treasure for anyone wanting to do some walks.

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