GR54, From Alleau to Muzelle refuge

Sunday, June, 12th, 2012, with Chty, Aurélie and Leeloo, we progress on our way on the GR 54 and we climb from Alleau to the refuge of La Muzelle.

Itinirary GR54, l’Alleau – Refuge de la Muzelle
Distance 6km
Vertical gain +1267m
Vertical drop -80m
Altitude min 934m
Altitude max 2100m
Duration 6h

I wake up around 6:30am, and about one our later everyone is awake and taking his breakfast. The weather is fine but the night was cold, around 1⁰C (34⁰F). We leave the camping at 9am, not that bad for our first day. Today we climb, climb, climb, 1260 meters (4133 feet) for 6 kilometers (3¾ miles). Our pace is very slow, stopping often to take a picture, drink, enjoy the landscape, eat something.

Around 1900 meters (6230 feet) we find and follow two huge marmots, not even really afraid of us. Soon after we get the first drops of rain, weather is becoming very cloudy, temperature is dropping. We hurry a little bit, crossing our fingers to be in the refuge before the rain, but around 2000 meters (6600 feet) we have to stop and wear our ponchos against the rain.

About this time we met few trekkers walking in the opposite direction, we are going to meet a lot of snow, they warn us, but nothing so serious that a good pair of shoes, sticks and gaiters can’t overpass, pffiou!

Half an hour later here we are in the Muzelle refuge. The main part of the building is closed, as expected, only the winter shelter is available, with the bathroom. The shelter is a very small room with 8 beds, a small kitchen with gas fires, a table, no electricity. We benefit from some tepid water in the showers, a leftover from the night before when the whole refuge was opened.

We can say that we are greatly graceful to all the previous trekkers who has left all their food leftover in the refuge, we enjoy a big meal of out-of-date pasta, out-of-date rice and out-of-date dehydrated milk. We can even cook a big rice salad for tomorrow!

The weather is worse and worse, now it rains like hell and we cannot even see a hundred meters outside. The shelter is very dark. So dark everyone fall asleep for a snooze at 6pm… That ends at 9pm, very good time to go to bed…

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