Power consumption

I love to know temperature, among other things. And I like to know so much the temperature that in our small apartment with Leeloo, I have put in strategic location no less than 11 thermometers! The wonderful LaCrosse weather station in my living room that I can connect to remotely, connected to the outside probe on my balcony, to have outdoor temperatures ; another thermometer outside, present from Leeloo’s parents, in our little garden. I can measure that there are 5 to 6 degrees ⁰F of difference with my balcony every morning while doing my pull-ups! For historical reasons, another thermometer is in the living room, on the door to the hall. One in the freezer, two in the fridge, one in the vegetable section and one in the top. Another one on the door of the fridge, and one beside with an included hygrometer probe. One in the bathroom, one in our room, another one inthe friend room, and I am likely to forget some of them…

And this is not my only obsession, I am also regularly writing down our electric consumption and from time to time our water consumption. The this is that the water meter is a bit hard to access. Maybe I could put someday a infrared webcam in the little hatch to monitor the volume of water I use when I take a shower (and when Leeloo takes her shower! Grrr).

As I need somewhat to pretend to be normal, I am saying that all these measuring devices are helping me to save energy (but to be frank I do not care about energy, I care about TEMPERATURE!). Well, I must admit that all those measures are helpful to explain our small consumption of electric power. Here is a graphic of our electric consumption from June 2010 and April 2012 :

The significant drop in the three first months of 2012 testify for our trip to South America. If we exclude this period of time, our daily power consumption fluctuate between 5 and 37 KWh. With the help of a wattmeter and frequent consumption logging we can determine the main use of the electrical power:

  • – 2.5 KWh : water heater
  • – 1.7 KWh : computer and Internet
  • – 0.8 KWh : fridge (including freezer)

To know the share of the heating, we compare consumption between Summer and Winter. From the 25th of April 2011 to the 26th of September 2011, our power consumption was 882 KWh, that is to say 5.7 KWh daily. As the water heater, computer and fridge represent about 5 KWh, the extra is everything else, cooking, Leeloo’s computer, vacuum cleaner… Comparing with the consumption of 2995 KWh from the 29th of September 2010 to the 15th of March 2011, the heating share should be around 1809 KWh (2995 – 208 days * 5.7KWh), in other words 8.7 KWh daily. This is not exactly true as, more or less, all the electric consumption in a house is finishing as heat, light, computer, fridge… As a consequence, when the heaters are on, you can keep your other electric devices running, that will just help the heaters a bit. Still, this is not always handy, for example the water heater or you fridge are not necessarily producing heat when you need it or where you are. But part of our daily 5.7 KWh consumption should be considered as heating during the winter.

It is interesting to see that our consumption from the 26th of September 2011 to the 2nd of January 2012, when we last checked our consumption before leaving for South America, we used 1172 KWh for 98 days, this is 613 dedicated to heating, 6.3 KWh every day, better than the previous year (but as the period and the weather is not strictly the same, that could be wrong).

In any case, the total electric consumption of our 64 square meters (about 690 square feet) is 3557 KWh for 2011. This is 55.6 KWh per square meter. In the now mandatory energetic performance evaluation of our first-floor apartment, built in at the end of the 1980s, it is in the E category with estimated power consumption of 242 KWh per year for every square meter. I must admit that we are especially thrifty, I will write about that, but still, were are using only 3600 KWh instead of 15000! 77% less! For me this performance evaluation stuff is really worthless…


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