– Why is he mad at me? Jenny asked.

– He is mad at all of us, corrected Stew.

– If he is so fucking jealous, he should have just come! issued Mike.

– What the fuck don’t you understand in “he couldn’t”? aggressively answered Alice.

– Of course he could, he just did not want to, contradicted Mike.

– Are you dumb or what, sent Alice, how many times do we have to repeat you that? HE COULDN’T!

– Fuck that, he was just afraid! corrected Mike.

– You’re such a fucking asshole, was offended Alice, I am done with you, she started to raise, I going to buy something to eat at John’s and go back home.

– You are not waiting for Henry?

– Don’t you understand that we are the last people on Earth he wants to see? Fuck! Why did they chose somebody so stupid! nearly shouted Alice putting back her coat.

– You perfectly know why, said Mike with a little smile.

– Shut up, Mike, said Jenny, you’re an ass and everybody know that, you should really keep your mouth shut from time to time, that would really help a lot.

Philip and Tom also raised and started to follow Alice who was waiting at the door.

– We are going to do the same as Alice, they said.

– OK, OK, answered Stew, we are coming too, Henry will not come, you are right, it is too soon.

– He was afraid, murmured Mike zipping his motorbike vest.

Alice could not stand it anymore, she went directly to him and try to hit him in the face, he pared but she managed to kick him hard in the belly, but he was prepared.

– Fucking hard, hey, bitch! he said proudly.

– Pfff, you know what, mister brainless muscles, I should have let you down in that hole when YOU where afraid of them, don’t make me regret that!

– OK, OK, sorry, said Mike, he did not want to remember that, or anyone else.

– Good, so we all go, said Philip, let’s go then.

– Bye Henry! shouted Stew.

– Shut up, Tom, his child is sleeping, don’t you remember?

– Oh shit sorry, he said quietly, and they opened the door of the little bar and went outside. The three military guys in place stepped aside to let them go and followed them a few meters behind.

– How many times will we be guarded as dogs, answered Stew?

– As many time as you act like one, stated Jenny, Alice smiled.

Tom took Mike apart and said to him, “Henry could not come because of his child, her mother left, and moreover that could have lead him to bad choices, don’t bring that back again”.

Mike did not answer.

The night was not there but nearly, the streetlights were already on. A strong wind was cooling off this ending summer in Grand Island, small town of Nebraska, United States of America. Old newspapers where floating through the deserted place, not a big night life city… They walked looking strangely at this ghost city up to John’s, small grocery-snack store. The six of them entered, the three guards stayed outside.

– Give me two hot dogs and some fries, ordered Stew to the young waitress, a bit scared of those six big boys and gals and above all the three military guys waiting outside.

– Ah, hum, yes sir, anything to drink?

– A beer, said Mike, answering for Stew.

– Oh, sorry sir, we do not sell beers anymore here.

– And why is that, sweety? said Stew.

– Because, hum, she was sweating of terror, because Mister Callighan does not want to.

– What the fuck! shouted Mike turning around to face the others, we can’t even have a beer here now, this world is nearly as fucked up as the other!

Alice was going to answer him, but Tom put his hand on her arm and answered to Mike.

– Shut up, Mike, you had enough already, finish your order and let the others have something to eat too.

Mike immediately change his tone, he really didn’t want to angry Tom. He asked for a sundae and let Stew order. Tom and Philip were courteous enough to let Alice and Jenny have their orders taken before them, but when Alice was giving a ten to the young girl for her hamburger and salad, a big guy came out from a side door in the room.

– My friends! He shouted, what a pleasure to see you again! I was expecting you!

Everybody tenses, they immediately let down whatever they had in their hands and moved to confront the guy.

– What the fuck! Shouted Mike, why is he here! Why is he here!

But he could barely heard the “I don’t know” from Jenny as Tom was already fighting with the guy. He tried to punch him in the face but was immediately sent away by a huge swing of arm, Tom crashed on the counter when Alice, Mike and Stew rushed on the guy. The three military guys entered the room and start pointing their riffles to him.

– Don’t shoot! Jenny yelled, don’t shoot! We don’t know what could happen!

The young waitress was screaming like a baby, Tom and Alice joined their friends to beat up the guy as hard as they could, they were having a really hard time mastering him, he was so strong and was sending them in the air as dislocated dolls. In a few minutes, the little shop was completely destroyed, but they finally managed to knock him out.

– Handcuff him, quick! said Tom, the arms and the legs, all the handcuffs you have, add rope if you can.

The six raised up and let the military do their job.

– We have to take care of the girl, said Jenny looking at the poor teenager shaking and crying behind the counter.

– We will take care of her, said one military guy, you should leave now, we will take care of them, go away, go to the library, we will take you there.

– We should stay, if he wakes up?

– They could handle it, said Tom, and I think they can use their gun.

– Or cut his head, shrugged Philip, breathing loudly after the fight.

– Maybe, answered Tom, but we need to go now, the police will arrive in a minute and we do not want to be seen here.

He pushed Alice and Jenny toward the door, and Philip, Stew and Mike followed them. They run to the library, went inside and closed the door.

– What the fuck is he doing here? How come he crossed? Was that even possible?

– I do not know, said Tom, but I am afraid we did something wrong when we came back…

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