Still in Buenos Aires

From 2012, January the 5th to the 9th we spend a few days in the Argentine Capital. Our hotel is close to the city center and we enjoy walking all the nice streets arround. A lot of Colonial buildings are a testimony of the past of this huge city, the second biggest in South America.

The summer is particularly hot and often the temperatures raise over 95 ⁰F (35 ⁰C). This is summer holidays here and most of the citizens are away enjoying summer in Mar del Plata.

We have a diner at Leeloo’s friend Fabian on Saturday. The diner is made with this excellent national dish, the “empanada”, a cooked calzone like dish full of various flavors, ham, cheese, vegetables… This is the local hamburger that you can find everywhere, replacing the French typical Jambon-Beurre, ham and butter sandwich.

On Sunday the 8th, we take the say off :) We had very intense three days of visits and we decide to spend some time to organize what we are going to do next. Searching our next place, accommodation and transportation is not a simple task. I also spend a lot of time creating a backing-up system for all our pictures. This is a important part of our trip and we would like to increase our chance to have them back in France. So we duplicate them on external hard drives and reduce them in size to be able to upload them rapidly on our remote server.

On Monday the 9th, our last days in Buenos Aires, we go toward the city center via the Péru street, then Florida. We spend some time in the Place San Martin, the very center of the city. Close exists a office of the Argentine national parks and a nice guy explain to us what we wanted to know about the various protected area of Argentina. He suggest that we go to the tourism ministry office very near. That happens to be a very good suggestion and we listen to a very dedicated girl explaining all that we should see in Argentina. This helps us a lot for scheduling our trip.

During the afternoon, we check the Bus station where we are supposed to depart in the evening and then try to walk to the Ricoleta and Palermo area. But I was too optimistic on the distance and with the suffocating heat, we barely made it to the Botanic Garden after a short stop at the Ricoleta Cemetery where famous Argentine People are buried such as the National Icon, Eva Peron, aka Evita. Completely exhausted, we take a metro back to our hotel to get our bags and go to the bus station for our next stop: Trelew, Patagonia!

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