First days in Buenos Aires

From January the 5th to the 9th, we spend 5 days in the hot Argentine Capital. Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America after São Paulo and its metro area regroups more than 12 millions people. One out of four Argentine leaves somewhere close to us in this huge city close to the Rio de la Plata delta to the Atlantic Ocean. Our lovely hotel is located in the San Telmo area, one of the best preserved old part of the town. Lots of colonial monuments, churches and popular markets could be found in here.

We came from a new born winter in Europe and arrived in this desperately host summer. We walk a lot to discover this new City, amazed by the squared and regular shape of the town, very different from our incomprehensible streets entanglement. Very impressive buildings can be found in the city center, this is a pity that so many other building are dirty and in bad shape, this mixes our feelings. But some place as la Boca are pretty amazing and well-preserved, full of colors and lively. We have seen in this area one of the few remaining transporter bridge. It is not working anymore compared to the one in Rochefort, in France, near La Rochelle.

Life is more expensive that we thought. A restaurant is typically 20 euros per person. We bought watches as we did not want to use our regular ones. 8 euros for the first price. This is not that expensive but this is a European price. We paid a bargain price of 10 euros to have a Argentine SIM card for the iphone of Leeloo.

Metro ticket is cheap, we paid 2 pesos for a ride, 40 cents of euro. Still the prices have doubled from last year, and a lot of person were angry about that and sometime we could have a free ride. Visits are not cheap, on the other hand. A simple monument tour is often 10 euros. Moreover different prices exist depending on where you come from. As an example visiting the Colon Theatre is 4 euros if you are Argentine, 6 if you come from South America, but more than 20 if you are like us! This is normal than Argentine people who pay taxes here have a reduced price, but five times more, 20 euros. to visit a theatre! Come on, visiting the whole Louvre Museum is cheaper than that!


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